Was I in love or just infatuated?

There's this girl that I really really liked. It never worked out between us. She's very attractive and in fact in my opinion the most attractive girl I've ever met hands down. We have spent time together multiple times in the span of a few months and shared deep vulnerable stuff about ourselves, our familyand stuff. But we only hung out as friends. Even though she told me herself that it wasn't going to be a romantic thing between us, it was still extremely hard for me to get over her. I thought I could move on quickly but it's been extremely hard. I still think about her all the time and get sad and tear up when I think about me wanting to be with her. We never dated or even went on a date though and when I found out she started dating someone else, it really hurt inside.

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  • I'm not going to vote, but I will tell you this. I was in the same boat you were in pal, I honestly fell for this girl. I told her a lot about me, I'd go to her house, all that mess. But after awhile, I realized she didn't see me like I did her, and she started to distant herself. It hurt, a lot, but I moved on. I still have a picture of her, kinda hurts to look at. But the point is, shits not going to go your way, that's life. Go and explore my friend.

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