Do I tell my friend that her crush texted me?

  • yes tell her
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  • No you dnt hv to
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by the way i hv 0% interest in the boy


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  • Tell her... but be wary, it's not the first time I've heard friends separate because of a boy, nevertheless you don't like him.


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  • Nah, I never do.
    Especially if that friend is insecure.


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  • Bros before hoes. Its up to you to decide which is which in your life. If you value your friendship over a potential whatever with that boy, then tell her. If you like that boy over your friend, then don't tell her. QED.

  • Just make it clear to her that you dont like him at all. You could go talk to him or text him back saying that you can't see anything ever happening between the two of you, call him a good friend so he knows he deep in that friend zone and then mention that he should consider getting to know your friend instead. Then when you tell your friend what happened, she's exactly gonna be mad if something happens because of what you said to him