Why would a girl I matched with on tinder accept my facebook friend request after she started ignoring me?

This is confusing, but i matched with a girl on tinder, and we talked, in the beginning she seemed genuinly interested, answered quickly etc. Eventually she gave me her number after i asked for it, we had been talking for maybe 3 days using tinder messages at that point.

After i got her number i asker her the following day if i could call her after work, apparantly she had gotten an infection and had fever at that point, she told me this with a text and also said she was sleeping. Because earlier she had agreed to had a phonecall with me, but then when i had called at the time we set she didn't respond. I saw on her facebook which i found while searching for her name, that she had posted an update about her being sick, so she wasn't lying, she even posted a photo of the medicine the doctor gave her.

But still the whole week passed by and i tried on several occassions asking her how she was feeling, i wasn't needy i waited for her replies and she kept telling me to call me the following day but then when Thursday arrived she ignored my message completely. She also removed her tinder profile (or she might have removed me but it makes no sense since we didn't even talk on tinder at that point)

I know she was still sick at that point, but after not talking for 2 days, i sent her a facebook friend request. And she accepted immediately after i sent it (like in under 30 seks after i sent the request)

So i figured if she wanted to get rid of me why accept? And why give me her number but not having any intention of even giving me a phonecall? I mean it seems true that she got sick but why would a week of that make her lose interest? she knows barely anything about me, it makes me crazy how girls can be so spoiled that they can throw something away so easily when they dont even know what they are missing.
The following day which was today, i texted her again asking if there was any progress with her sickness,


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