Girls, Why an extrovert girl would avoid a guy?

I met this fantastic girl that I really like and that I woud love to be with her.

She's very extrovert with everyone , she laughs , plays and hugs almost any person that approaches her.

On the other hand , with me she behaves differently. She is extremely cold and when she approaches a group where I am part of it , she is warm with everyone but me. I really do not exist for her.

It is a weird relationship because for example , we had to talk on the phone a few days ago and we litterly spent 4 hours! on the phone , not because I did not want end the call , but because she was very warm and conversational.

In general , if anything , all I get from her is eye contact , yet this is hard to tell because I also look at her when I can.

All I can think right now is thay maybe she sensed that I had feelings for her, and she does not have feelings back and that this is her way to tell me that I need to move on


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  • Only if she doesn't like him or is very shy due to attraction for this guy.