Did they break up?

So my friend had a fight with his girlfriend and I think they broke up, since she basically cheated on him.

She left class afterwards crying but a few hours later, was all smiles. She even posted on Instagram with smiey face caption. Her boyfriend even liked the photo...

But when I checked both of their Instagram profiles, they both deleted their bio saying that they are in a relationship with each other but their profile picture is still the same of them together cuddling. All their photos of each other are still there... I don't understand.

I haven't asked my friend because we aren't the closest and it's none of my bussiness.

Do you think this is a break up? he seemed upset when I saw him...



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  • That is like the weirdest shit.
    Maybe the don't want to make it super obvious to the rest of the public that they're not together anymore so they made a deal.


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