Girls, if you have a boyfriend why would you randomly ask a guy for a massage?

This is a little bit weird for me , and I really do my best to understand your psychology.

I have been acting friendly with her , but I really never had any kind of interest for her (mentally , I don´t see her as my type ).

What happened is the following. We were sourrounded for more people in a social situation , and this was the conversation :

Her : Hey , can you give me a massage?
me : A massage? Why? What do I get if I do so? (in a friendly tone)
Her : A hug
Me : That's it? I don´t know how to do give massages.

And I did not give her anything. I know it sounds like a bad move , but my issue with her is that she keeps posting pictures on instagram of her boyfriend with tags such as "with the love of my life" and things like that.

For me she is playing with me and that's why I avoided her.

She's also someone with a very high confidence , and I can imagine that she needs all the attention she can get , even if it is just playing with people.


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  • It's weird that she asked you for a massage, and it's probably best that you refused.

  • Because I'd want a massage and it's just a massage?

  • Smart move not to give her a massage. Continue to avoid her.
    To answer your question, I wouldn't ask for a massage at all. I have a boyfriend and I love him and therefore I wouldn't want any other guys touching me like that. It would be very awkward. So for this girl to be asking you for one and simultaneously be in a relationship with "the love of her life," well something doesn't add up. He's not able to give her everything she needs so she's craving more male attention.