He says " I love u too" during sex. But says he is not ready for a relationship because of the baby mama drama. Should I wait it out?

He went through a Fatal Attraction scenario with his baby mama. He is not ready for a relationship the last one messed him up since his ex stabbed him in the back with an actual knife!!! 3 times!! And she broke all his windows in his house and car and so on. Much more. Well I get having come out of that he isn't ready to reenlist with a new girl any time soon. . Bye said it will be months till he is ready but he likes being my friend And he will help me with my son taking him to the movies while I work. And he likes me a lot and wants to hang out but I can't have him feel pressured for a relationship. Meanwhile another guy wants to date me and I told him I told him about it. But I only want to be with one person at s time. He says he wants me happy and if that guy can give me a commitment t he wants that for me. But I think it might just be physical and I don't want another one of those.


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  • He says he isn't ready for a relationship but he's fucking you. You must be the dumbest woman on the planet. You're nothing but a sex toy to him and I don't care what he says


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