She says her father doesn't allow her to date me - A lie?

Hi, there is this girl at my school (16). She is in the same grade as my sister. They are friends. I have a crush on her and when she told my sister that she thinks I'm cute I asked her out.
I told her that she is beautiful and that I wanna get to know her better. I invitet her to Starbucks for tomorrow and her anwere was "Maybe". When I texted her at the afternoon and asked her at which time we gonna met tomorrow I got a text that her father doesn't allow her to go out.
I kept cool and asked politely if there are other ways to get to know her and she said that we could talk between lessons.

I don't know if this is a bad sign? Did she lied?

  • She lied. She is not interested to you. Leave her alone!
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  • Maybe she lied. But maybe it's just a signal to slow down a little. Talk to her at school.
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  • She didn't lie. Talk to her at school.
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  • Jus talk to her after school

  • I'm not actually sure if she lied, as we are not herself, but if she says that she may not be lying. My dad keeps me from going out, but I've managed to slip out a few times. But never get her too do that as both of you will get into trouble. Talk to her between lessons or even in lessons like me and my crush did, befor he came my be. I don't know if this would be creepy but he used to wait outside class for me, maybe you could do that for her? It's really up to you though


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