How can I ask why he quit texting back without coming off as clingy? Guys help!

There is a guy I met at my church college group about a month ago. He and I got along great. The whole group eats out afterward and I went and sat across from him at a table. Some friends joined and we all talked and at the end of the night I asked if he wanted to exchange numbers. He said sure and gave me his. I texted him a couple days later. After one or two short bouts of small talk I initiated this game I call "questions" (you ask each other anything, but don't have to answer if you'd rather not. It's a way I like to break the ice with somebody new). We had a few more short convos and I flirted a little bit (minimally. Called him a cutie..lighthearted stuff like that). He said he'd recently broken up with a girl he'd been going out with for about a year and just wanted to be straight up about that, cause he's still not ready for anything again. We've had some more really short texts. The texting between us is really inconsistent. I know he gets busy with work (he flies planes) so sometimes he can't respond. And I also get a little carried away and send two or three (sometimes long) texts. I cut down on that. But lately he's quit responding to my texts altogether. I don't know him well yet but I see him on a weekly basis at church. I asked him once after he ignored me why he did that and said it made me uneasy since people have texted me and then just up and quit before. Should I ask what's up this time? I'm trying to make corrections (I don't text him as often as I did and I'm not sending multiple wordy texts anymore. If I do ask him how can I keep from coming off as clingy? The opposite sex' perspective is what I really need on this! Thanks!


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  • ok miss here we go. first haha I have gone over something like this with a lady friend of mine one time and girl I'm telling you guys don't think even close to as deep as you girls do over little things like an amount of texts and how often or not they are sent. guys don't look into things like that, it don't even cross their minds. second I am very sorry to say but he either isn't interested at this time or just not interested in a relationship with you. he's trying to put that across without being mean but it seems like you aren't grasping that at the moment. sorry for the news/my opinion but there are many many many many more out there if I am correct. take care


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