How to not feel inferior to my partner?

My partner and I have been dating for 8 months and we're both models. But I can't help but always feel inferior to her. She has tons of friends including a few life long best friends. She has double the followers on social media and dozens more people always telling her how great of a model she is and how good she looks. I mean she even has fans.

I have none of that. I can tell you on one hand how many close friends I've ever had and most of them have moved out of state.

This has led to competition and jealousy on my behalf and I can't keep doing that.


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  • If you keep creating unnecessary fights related to it, you should probably stop dating her.


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  • Well then try to be good at something else. Take pride in something other then something you two would compete over.

    Also try not to complain about the problems of being a model and also dating one. There rest of us mortals get peved. Jk

    • Believe me, dating a model is not easy, 😂 especially because guys are constantly throwing themselves at your girl and you have to be okay with the risqué aspect of it. Thanks for the opinion by the way. :)