Flirting with me, but not willing to break up with his gf?

I've been flirting / being friends

Since it's been going on this long, I wanted clarity and asked him...
the answer was quite negative...

so, he still wants to continue contact with me, but at the same time, stay with his girlfriend...
his actions showed differently and I was assuming they were going to break up...
I honestly think he is a hypocrate...
so how should I react now? I don't believe that friendship is possible if both parties like each other...


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  • You know he's a cheater or at least willing to be a cheater so how would you ever trust him? I just don't understand women like you

    • what? women like me?
      did I say I would cheat with him?

      I know of people who have cheated on one partner and have stayed with the second partner!!
      some people just can't be alone and they stay with someone till they find someone better

      well i dont plan to have a relationship until I am ready to get married... that's the goal and I personally don't see a point in wasting years and years with someone and break up in the end (divorces happen too of course). I was raised in a different culture and not the Western European culture

    • Your funeral. Have fun with that

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  • Yeah tell him to fuck off.

    If he's going to stay with his girlfriend and not leave her. Then that proves you wouldn't want to date that guy to begin with. Since after a point he might just do the same thing to you. Best thing is to stay FAR away from that jerk.

    Though you should make sure his girlfriend knows what he's doing. Since it seems like he could easily cheat on her.

    • I asked this in another threat and people told me not to tell her...
      i was almost about to tell her, but then I got pity with him (stupid me)

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    • yes, he is probably flirting with other chicks as well...
      he is quite busy though (which is true, that's one of the few things I am sure about). so i don't really know if he has much time to flirt with that many chicks..
      i dont really know what to think of him

    • I think you should just forget about him and let his girlfriend know. That way she can get away from him as well and find someone who will truly care about her. That dude is just a flirt and doesn't care about anyone else feelings.

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  • Give up on him, he ain't worth it, try to friendzone him that it's better for you. In a nutshell, move on.

  • Dont be his friend just leave him and move on no need to stick around, thats why i dont befriend girls

    • yes, agree... i am only friends with guys whom I am not attracted to

    • it makes sense, i tried being friends with a girl whom i had feelings for, didn't work well so i decided thats not my thing, i will want sex after a while so its better to stay away and only date girls not be close friends, the second girl who became my girlfriend later respected that and thought its probably a good idea.

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  • Yeah this is the issue when you go for taken guys: they act like douchey taken guys.

    If he wanted you beyond a cheap thrill he would have left her. This is why you don't get involved with men in relationships. Even if he did get with you, if he's willing to do that to HER, he'd do it to you.

  • You know how you should react.
    If you want to be a scummy homewrecker, continue doing what you are.
    If you don't want to risk being the reason behind a breakup, leave your friendship with him behind

    It's really not that complicated. 👌🏻

    • life is not black and white
      i wouldn't cheat with him, but there are plenty of examples where one partner cheated and stayed with the second person (happenned with one of my relatives; still together, even though he cheated with her on his past gf)
      I would not cheat though, cause I know that I would be the hurt one in the end...

      I don't get women who name the 'other' girl a homewrecker.. those girls are insecure and afraid that their man will probably cheat or find someone else. it's also a sign of a possessive personality. If my guy was to cheat on my, I would accept it as fate and move on. I would be hurt, but the other girl would be the least responsible person in my opinion... I am a men hater probably, lol, always blame the guys and their hormones :D

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    • Nothing hidden. I'm 100% open at expressing my distaste for males as well as females who behave in such a manner.
      Especially when they try to justify their behaviour by saying it's a cultural thing and whatnot.

      Does you guys all belong to a culture in which polygamy/open relationships are completely acceptable and the norm? No?
      Good. Just accept that nothing with what you're doing is acceptable and if and when this guy cheats on his girlfriend you can whine about how he was the one behind it all but really you were the one holding onto this false hope. If you're someone who can get hope, that is, from a guy who you're perfectly aware is already with someone.

    • first of all, I didn't cheat with him and I didn't plan to cheat with him
      secondly, I was asking if I should stay friends (if he stops with the flirting)

      this post was about staying friends with a guy who used to flirt with me, but who wants to stay friends? So in that case, we can't stay in touch as friends?
      I will never understand your mindset, your comment is very aggressive and something must be behind this.

      I don't approve of cheating either, but we are humans, and I definitely won't hate people for that. Yes, I will be hurt and so on, but I believe that there are reasons behind actions, and that mistakes always happen. If someone cheated on me, again, I would not hate them. I would not stay with them, but I would move on.

      I could have cheatd with him so many many times, but I didn't - therefore, I think u should stop with your untrue accusations.

      but yeah, now you can wish me that one day a boyfriend cheats on me - that's what I obviously deserve.

  • You stop contacting with him. Obviously he wants the relationship with his girlfriend while having you on the side. Unless you don't think you deserve better than being the "side bitch", go find someone that treats your better.

  • Do not be fooled.. unless he actually takes the steps necessary eg 'breaks up with his gf' do not entertain B. S you deserve more than that. `what you want to settle for being his bit on the side? don't do that..

    • no def. not, and the idea of being friends just doesn't work... we haven't really been good friends before that... i think his motives were clear. and now acting to be friends is just ridiculous

  • He wants his cake and to eat it too. Nope.