I really want to be with this guy, but we're in a weird casual thing. Should I tell him I want more?

I dated a a guy briefly who i had intense chemistry with 6 years ago, it was magic everything clicked and i mean everything. We even joked about being switched at birth.. he always had trouble committing so i moved on. 5 years later we run into each other and got to talking.. I ended up going to his place to see him, he cooks me dinner and its as if nothing has changed. We talk we laugh and reminisce... and i go home. He texts me 'that was beautiful, see me again tomorrow' and so i do.. We watch a film, we dance and we kiss and i realise i still have feelings for him. A few days later I tell him this and he says i understand, its scary that after half a decade we could still have feelings for each other'.. We've been hanging out occasionally during the week after work.. kissing, laughing, dancing staying over holding each other through the night and sharing stories and he always says ' the way you make me feel scares me" and how he's never shared something like this with anyone. He's always kissing my forehaed saying its always hard when one of us has to go home but I don't really know what we are doing, Im so confused because he says he wants to have me in his life and enjoy this thing but i dont know what that even means because we dont even have sex, we come close to it and he just says this is trouble we can't and he doesn't think he can handle the emotional drama that comes with it? ;/ so its not even about the sex? I just want more, i want to see if we can make it work this time round but we barely talk when i leave his place and he doesn't seem interested when we're apart barely texts or calls when we do talk he'll send me songs which always relate to how he says he 'feels about me' I'm confused I really need help..


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  • If he's restricting himself from "more" with you, there might be a detail you are missing.
    Also, this sounds similar to the "bait 'n' wait" move i used to pull back in the day.

    • should i just ask tell him i want more? is that stupid? i mean i'm not afraid to walk away if he doesn't want to try..

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    • alright i guess i dont really understand it? explain it to me?

    • message... i don't want to rat out a player move in public.

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  • Well you can't let this linger on forever. Whatever the outcome, good or bad, save yourself time and additional investment in this by talking to him. Simple. You are not a mind reader, neither is he and it's real damn important two people are on the same page.

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