How to Get a Wealthy Blonde Girl to Like Me?

My family is going to be moving in about 2 weeks and we're moving near a rather fun, wealthy town full of fashionistas and pretty blonde girls who tend to come from rich families. It's where the college and mall is at. I am very happy because I absolutely love these types of girls, but I'm a bit intimidated and afraid that they won't like me since I'm lower middle class and a Mexican American.

How do I get these pretty wealthy, classy sorts of girls to like me? I do have a good way of fitting in with the aristrocratic wealthy White types since I'm Republican and a bit of an intellectual snob, but I cannot change the fact that I am a Mexican and not very wealthy. What is the best way of acquiring one of these beautiful rich blonde girls in light of my circumstances?


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  • The best way is probably to avoid those topics since rich people dont talk about how rich they are. Its just their way of life and yes they would probably like to date someone similar to them but thats not like a rule or anything. If you show you have a great personality then there is no reason why they shouldn't like you.

    But i would also acquire some higher class behavioural attributes. You must dress well and speak well. I mean you dont have to be master of the words but dont use slang they won't understand or think is trashy. Always dress well even if it is cheap clothing. Make it look like its expensive. Also walk and have mannerisms like you are one of them. Act like you are wealthy and have class. Just be one of them and you'll fit right in. It doesn't have to be a huge change but just little improvements to fit in better.

    Also a good point to add is to treat them like you would anyone else. Dont treat them like theyre royalty since it makes you look lower than they are. Treat them normally and be friendly and so on but dont suckup to them as if theyre better somehow. Just act like you always have been around wealthy types and just treat them like they treat eachother. Its sort of like a fan of a celebrity. The celebrity will never be a friend of the fan but will make friends with other celebrities. Do be the celebrity and you will fit right in. Hope this helps.


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  • tell 'em you got a huge wanger (and by wanger i mean penis)


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