What would you do if your bestfriend liked your partner before you met them?

Lets say your best friend told you that had feelings for someone but didn't tell you who
then you meet a girl/guy that hes/shes around a couple months later you 2 become friends and eventually have feelings for eachother

you end up dating and your friend never tells you that they practically loved the person you were dating because they didn't want to hurt your relationship

but one day they couldn't take it and blurted out how they felt about your girlfriend/boyfriend before you even met them

how would you feel?
would you brake up with them?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • They should be mature enough to understand that their chance (if they had one) passed and that there are other people out there. That "love" was likely just infatuation unless they had a serious history together. If you like the person you are with, then continue to date them as you want. It's not your problem or you're partners that they had feelings that never went anywhere. If they are your friend they should understand.

    • they could hate you after this

    • If they hated you then were they really your friend? Such is life. We choose the relationships we find enhance our personal joy, and shed the ones that reduce it.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I'd stay with my partner. I love my best friend but I'm not going to choose between my friendship and my relationship like that. If it hurts her, then I'll stop talking about him and we'll do more stuff just the two of us without him and try to take her mind off of him but I can't give up the person I love over that.

    • It would be a hard thing for me to do
      id be stuck in the middle I don't know what id do honestly

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What Girls Said 2

  • Well if we're already together I don't see why I should break up with him. She should have said something when we started going out together.

    • they didn't want to do that to mess it up
      it could really mess up the friendship it just depends on which is more important to you

  • Even if she liked him he didn't like her, hence them dating me. I would feel bad but I wouldn't break up with him. My friend will have to move on and be happy for me, because friends are supposed to encourage each other and be happy for one another.

    • this is true they may not talk to you after you knowing their feelings

    • If they do then they weren't really my friend.

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