Guys, Your advise. How should I proceed with her?

I have been friend zoned by a girl and she keeps coming back to me. We used work together but she has now left. We have met up twice and text frequently. From our meet ups I do think there is something there. Last time she hinted to go to cinema but this week she couldn't make it and said maybe next week we will. Am temped to suggest some drinks this week but maybe I shouldn't make myself so available. What would you do?

Cool thanks. She wants to meet up next week so fingers crossed ;)


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  • Listen closely. If you don't accept any of this, it's okay. Do it totally or don't do it all. Dont do it partially. So here are the rules-
    1) Don't pay for her. If it's not a date.. you are NOT supposed to pay for her. If she wants to be just friends.. act like just a friend. Split it.

    2) If she starts telling you about other guys.. call her on it. Ask her.. with a curious voice.. "why are you telling me all this?" . If she keeps defending, ask her " Is he my friend?" . She'll say "no". Then say "Then I don't care about him. Change the topic."

    3) If she starts spilling out problems, tell her that I'd listen if you want a solution. If you want to let it out.. you are talking to the wrong person. I am bad at that.

    4) Keep the topic on her. Don't let her get bored.

    You might be friendzoned.. but there's always a way out.


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  • Booty call her. Means invite her home with drinks. If she don't want to come and looks for excuses next her! She is keeping her options open, putputs you in the reserve. Probably young and insecure. Don't contact her often. Try to take things to next level at the next meeting. You probably can sleep with her, if she had zero attraction to you she wouldn't be that receptive. At the same time don't concentrate in this girl. Approach girls at different locations and get their number. Try to Meet them.

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