He was home alone with her ! quick read and interesting ?

So my boyfriend has a two bedroom and I stay with him and my mom off and on. He lives with his brother who recently moved out and his friend who stays in the living room. So he told his friend he can stay in the room for 500$ So me and my man can save tht to move in to get her eventually. His friend has his girl come once in a blue and today he left her there all day to clean the room for him. after work I went ther. There was bag and bags of trash in the hall. I asked did she do it all on her own? He said no I helped her for 20mins clean out the draws then I got called back to work.
I lost it. I was yelling and I got pissed that my guy and her were in the house together alone. My bfs friend was working the whole day.
I don't no her very well and I been with my man for two years now and trust him but I don't think it's right they was there together alone.
*** I didn't no they were there still. I thought they left so I was yelling that I feel uncomfortable that my boyfriend lives with a guy now &she just dumpy the girl here alone*** ! Am I wrong for feeling this way?
im still pissed about it!!!
My boyfriend then told him she isn't aloud there with out him there.


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  • No I don't believe you should've gotten so mad about that. It's not like it was his fault. He can't control what they do. Sounds like he was just being nice and helping. If you have been together 2 years you should be able to trust him.

    • I feel like it is his fault in a way. Why have make ur boy feel it's ok to leave his chick there cleaning. Pshh. This is how things get worse. First she is cleaning the room for her man then she is cooking in little shorts ! Hell no. I'm not ok with it and in my eyes any way u look at it it's wrong. Her being alone there with my man it just doesn't look right. I do trust my man ! But not comfortable with. Chick I don't no well around the house with out her man.

    • Ok if you trust your man and just not comfortable with it then your issue is with his friend and his girlfriend. So you shouldn't be mad at your boyfriend and taking it out on him. All 4 of you should sit down and talk about it in a civilized way without getting mad and yelling. Getting loud hardly ever gets anything done. And thanks for most helpful.

    • No thank u ur advice is very helpful. After I got mad I asked my man if i can talk to his friend cus I realized I did over react. But his friend hasn't been there to talk. And he claims to b moving out in. A month. Let's c what happeneds.

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  • i think you overreacted and yes were wrong to get mad. basically you are suggesting that any time he is alone with a girl he is going to hook up with her. if you trust him, as you said, you should be able to be comfortabel with him being in the presence of a woman alone.

    the issue you may create here by reacting this way is
    1) him feeling like he can't be honest with you knowing how you might react
    2) him feeling like he isn't trusted by you

    • He said he thinks I have trust issues. And that's tru. I do have trust issues with people I don't no! Meaning the girl !!! and I don't get mad if he is alone with a female in a store or at work or what ever. But in the house, na not ok! I spoke the tru way I feel and I do have a problem with him living with his friend n the girl in the house alone. I can't hide how I feel. Next thing u no she is walking around the house in little shorts disrespecting me. Then I'd get even more mad and so I'm happy that I said how I feel. Moral of this is I trust my man , but not other people I just met

    • you can't control the way you feel but just can't allow yourself to bow to your jealous rages when there is a better more mature path. i mean when i feel angry on a road at someone's driving does it mean i should take action or should i be a bigger person? a better person?

      I get being uncomfortable but being uncomfortable about a jealous feeling isn't a reason why his guy friend shouldn't be able to have his girlfriend over. trust your boyfriend. it takes two to tango so your boyfriend would have to be complicit in any improper behavior that went on.

  • You sound like a psycho right now. There's no point of dating someone if you don't even trust him to be alone with any woman for a little while

    • Are u sure I sound crazy? So ur saying u wouldn't get mad at ur girl being alone with another guy in ur house her helping him IN THE ROOM? A guy u barely no?

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    • Ur right. That's tru and I wish my mind didn't go to such a negative place and I guess I'm very territorial. Having another women there and him helping her it made me feel sad. I no it might be that I've got a problem in my head cus i got so so angry that I kickt what ever what was infringement of me. What can I do to not b mad anymore?

    • And embarrassed. Now I can't take it back they herd everything cus I was yelling ! I haven't been back to the house since and I am a little embarrassed of what I was saying. Now talking to u I think I blew it out of proportion

  • Wow, you overreacted a lot, lol. You think he's gonna let this chick he barely knows be there alone in his house without him or the boyfriend being there? I'm surprised he didn't dump you on the spot.

    • She was there alone. Her man left her to clean up the room he is renting from my man. My man and her man are friends. But her man DID leave her there alone while he went to work and my man went home after work She was there alone. I was working to.

    • I thought you meant your man said she isn't allowed there alone without HIM. But either way, that's a petty thing to blow up on him for unless he's got a history of being disloyal to you. I'm alone at work with females in the same room all the time, it doesn't mean I'm doing anything or even thinking about it. Just the fact that it's work and not home, doesn't mean anything, I have a private office that locks and could easily do something with them if we wanted, but I don't. That's like having a dream your boyfriend cheated and being mad at him for it. You definitely would have been single had you done that shit to me, f all that.

    • Work, at a store all that is different but I come home and that's my safe place where I expect to be respected. Let me put it this way. I don't no tht girl well. And she was getting all comfortable in the extra room. Next thing u no she cooking in little shorts. Hell no it would b bad cus that's disrespectful. It's pushing the limit. My man rented the room to his boy and he is the type to leave his girl there and go out. Why bring her there to spend time with u if u Guna b out she don't need to b in my mans apt alone. She prob will get bored and try to make a move on my man n then I'd kill her.

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  • Do you have evidence that your boyfriend lies to you about things? If not, then why would it matter that she was in the same house with him? It's not like they were doing anything inappropriate.

    • No he doesn't lie to me. I fact he told me she was there cleaning. I just feel uncomfortable about it. If another women is helping ur guy fold clothes at the laundry mate and u walk in on them talking folding and laughing wouldn't u feel put off by the whole situation

    • I'd feel sort of uncomfortable but not pissed.

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