Moving slow, is this a good thing?

since my last break up I have been talking to this guy. He is 28, in 24 we both have no problem with the age difference. We have both been very honest and up front with each other, he knows everything about my last break up and he has been there for me through it all. I really like this guy, we have been moving slow which is good. He comes over and spends the night and has left a few things here nothing major just a phone charger and a lighter. He just lost his little brother and had been going through a lot... he says he wants to date me but needs to get through that before we can date. I thought that maybe that was just an excuse and that he might not really want to date me. He talks to his friends and family about me and he wants me to meet them... I might be over thinking this but after my last relationship... I just don't want to get hurt


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  • It's a positive thing. He simply wants to take things slow, nothing wrong with that.

    • Just nervous, cause he hasn't answered my texted on Kik all day... I mean he had read them. I don't know I might just be over thinking things