My Ex-Girlfriend texts me suddenly and tells me she miss the way We use to talk. Is it sign or illusion?

So My girlfriend broke up with me we 6 months ago, she is the one who contcted me first after brief no contact, she is with an other guy but says she wants to hangout but she also says it makes her nervous that she will meet me alone. whenever we chat she tells something about the other guy. Last night she suddenly she texts and says she misses the way we use to talk. I want to get back with her but she is still with other guy then why she misses me and even last night she aske that am I seeing soemone or not and I said I am seeing someone and she was happy to know that. I still dont text her that much i use to but from last 19 days I have been in radio silence and she texted me.

Please girls and guys help to read between through these line


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  • You would be the rebound don't do it

  • Um, I say that it's probably ok to text her on occasion but don't get in too deep. You should probably leave her wear she's at for now.

    • so that's what i am doing but do you think I have a chance to get back with her

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    • No Problem. Good luck to you

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