I've been on and off with this girl for a year and a half, and she's not even my girlfriend?

may of 2014, i had to have her from the second i saw her, even before i met her. that same day i saw her out and i got her number and we started talking. about 4 months go by and we're talking and hooking up on occasion... then she found out that im hooking up with her sort-of friend because me and that sort-of friend had an argument and told her

months go by and we don't talk at all, then march 2015 we're back on again and then things got really serious that summer. still didn't ask her to be my girlfriend even though thats what she basically was. she would sleep over and we sometimes wouldn't even have sex...

September 2015, i forgot to sign out of my facebook at her house so she obviously went through my messages and found some stuff she didn't like. calls me crying and yelling, and says dont talk to me. remember guys, i still have NEVER asked her to be my girlfriend (even though she pretty much was)

a month later we were back on for about 2 weeks, did not let me have sex with her once. and you guessed it, we got into an argument and exchanged some mean words, and that was it.

so here we are. almost march 2016 and we've been talking again for 2 weeks now and things are great. she's currently away visiting her parents, and will be back in 2 weeks. from what i see we are getting back together just from the content of our two weeks of all day every day texting.

i do plan on finally asking her to be my girlfriend, we clearly are in love each other. but should i really go through with this? i mean.. why wouldn't any this happen again?


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  • wow, you say you have to ask her to be your girlfriend but yet said she already was?

    i think if you are gonna make her your girlfriend then you better be plain, straight up. put down some ground rules, talk about likes/dislikes, COMMUNICATE!!


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