Not too sure about her actions?

So I have been talking with this girl for a few weeks now. We snapchat and text, we go to the same college and have 2 classes together. We also have the same friend circle. So I have started to have a thing for her, I can't tell if she has one for me. We flirt back and forth, she asked my advice on some stuff and she asks me if I'm going to be at party's and stuff. One night after going out with friends she shared a couch with me to sleep on. At first she was sitting on me and then she grabbed a blanket and spread out. She does have this fling going on with a guy, I'm not too sure how serious it is. I know they sleep together but I don't think they go on dates and stuff. When she slept on the couch with me the guy was out of town. What are your thoughts on this?


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  • Hmm to me red flag but again I don't know all the details or her. Like you said might not be serious about the other dude. Just giving you assumptions, I think maybe she has a thing for you and confuse. Don't know what she want yet maybe. Wait and see how it goes. If confrontation is your thing go for it. People seem to think it scares people off but if so why. Better beating around the bush for months on end haha. Hello people. Time is a precious shit I won't be getting back lol. Good luck :)

    • Yeah I know she broke up with her past boyfriend and went straight into the thing with this guy. To me it kinda seems like a rebound and she doesn't know what she wants.

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    • Yeah I think the other guy is going home the next two weekends coming up. I feel like what she does when he is not here will say a lot too. The other thing that puzzles me is that she is graduating and he is a freshmen too.

    • We can't help who we like

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