Women treat me differently now?

Thankfully i have a girlfriend before I bought my Ferrari. She is a good friend of 3 years, never judged me

Before the Ferrari.
women said I was handsome, nice and always friend zoned me.

after the Ferrari.
wave at me and try to get in the car. some of the women from my past came back and asked me that they were so proud that I was driven and call me more. I enjoy the attention but won't take them seriously

my question is why do women want the man when he successed rather than when he was working on it


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  • Good question but that's just some women or most likely some people. If you dangle something shiny there are a few people you will attract. Most people love materialistic things over character and personality. You are just going to have to know the difference between sugar and salt. They may look like sugar but they are really salt. Meaning some people aren't what they seem.

  • Most people are drawn by success. Sadly, there is not much we can do about it.


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