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Why would a guys son try and befriend me online and his ex also try and befriend me when I'm not even dating this guy? The guy concerned has wanted to date me in the past but I've been in other relationships. His ex is with another man and have 3 kids together. So why would a woman I don't know try and get into my personal space their son is a grown man not a baby and I also don't agree with exes keeping in touch. Whas going on?


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  • They want to be noisy and snoop on your page and pry into your personal and private life. Im glad you didn't add their friend request.

    • I guess that's partly it. But is the ex jealous? She has other kids with another man so she shold grow up and mind her own business?

    • Yes the ex could be jealous to. She should mind her own buisness and get a life and grow up.

    • Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the most helpful opinion.

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  • It probably doesn't mean anything. Or they were talking about you and both of them decided to snoop on your profile. I don't know.

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