My boyfriend said I'm annoying what should I do?

This is not the first time it happened. My boyfriend sounding pissed or annoyed and I asked him what's wrong and he said nothing and I said if there is anything you can tell me and he said I'm annoying. I usually will leave him for a while and just give him a call next day pretend nothing happened and he usually feels better. But what should I do. This is getting too regular.

He say I'm annoying when I ask him why he's annoyed...


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  • Okaaayyyy... WHAT exactly does he find you annoying for? let's start from there...

    • When I ask him what's wrong or if he's ok he gets annoyed

    • The very usage of words here matters. 'What's wrong' is popularly perceived by the askers as something out of concern and/or love for the person being asked. However, the person that's disturbed will not always act appreciatively of such gestures thus the reaction your guy gives.

      I might as well also add that he's not really much into your relationship :) I'm sorry but that's how I see it.

  • Let him feel annoyed alone. Walk away...


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