Guys, help me understand. You tell a girl you like her and signs show your interested why go m. i. a?

Im 5 years older than the guy everting seem to be going we'll. We go out on dates we talk he likes to hold hands and we have kissed. He told me he liked me and enjoyed being around me. He went m. i a before for a day and he text me the next day explaing what happened and about going out that same night. Everything was fine we text each other the next couple of days with no problem. But the conversation was cut short Thursday mrn. I didn't pay it any mind because he was at work. But Friday and Saturday and i still haven't heard from him. The first time i didn't hear from him he told me there was an altercation at work and his phone had been broken. And that he wasn't leaving that easy. Which sounded a little weird. I text him Goodmorning Friday and on Saturday if he wasn't busy did he want to go out on Sunday. I normally hear back. Should i just count it as a lost? Or am i over thinking it? Or could it be something else?


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  • Sounds like you are putting more value on this relationship than he is. Maybe it isn't moving as fast as he wants and is losing interest now.

    • I told him that i liked him back we kissed. He told me he liked me back. It hasn't been a month yet. But is this very weird that he said he won't leave that easy?

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    • He's 23. He says he's a hombody doesn't really care for the club. But we know how people lie. He kept pursuing me so i decided to give it acl chance and see were it goes. Now im regretting it. I normally don't even date guys my age

    • Leave the ball in his court. Tell him to come over when he wants. If too much time goes by then you know what you have to do.