Why does he still want to be friends?

Me and this guy were kind of seeing each other on/off for a year.
And we've met up a lot in the past few months it was mostly sexual but on all of those times we'd be together he hasn't been able to get hard. This has happened 5 times in a row last time he couldn't get hard stopped midway during oral after we'd tried sex was trying get him hard again. He left the room to the bathroom then looking upset and gave him hug after cuddled him told him it was ok before leaving. He always makes up a excuse saying he has to go to work to cover it. His dick just feels soft/squishy doesn't quite go in. After all of these times he's a bit distant often makes up a excuse to say he's seeing someone. Then when he rings or texts me drunk he always admits he isn't seeing anyone so I know he's made it up.
In the past he would use this "seeing someone " excuse telling me that then either a week later or that night want to see me and admit there is no other girl when I ask him if there is anyone else. But he had some sexual problems not getting hard etc trying to cover it up. Anyway I haven't seen him for a while I text him a few weeks ago
""Hey I was just thinking of you and wondered how things were going?
Him:"I'm good but can't chat sadly I'm seeing someone sorry"
Me :I'm really sorry to have bothered you (name). I thought maybe we still had something good going between us."
Him:I no (name) I'm sorry I met someone else hope we can still be friends"

Yesterday I text him he replied
Him:Sorry I'm seeing a girl and am happy
Me:sorry for bothering you you've used the same excuse all year doesn't matter now anyway
Him: Not a excuse im seein this girl properly now
Dnt no how many times I can tell you this
Need to move on
Hope we can be friends
Me:Ok we can be friends if thats what you want we do get on well like wouldn't want to be on bad terms hope we can still meet up at some point
Him:thats great (name) thanks ye no problem

Like just found it weird he still wants to be friends wanting to be friends with someone you were close to before? rather than just move on


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  • Are you still against the freakiest i have to do to you but I ask you a sexual personal question is the new phone number and mouyh is your story


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