Do I need to let it be or carry on fighting?

This may be long and sound really pathetic but I've lost my mind over this and I still don't know what to do..
My boyfriend told me that he had suicidal thoughts and biodirexia but he wouldn't let me help him so I stupidly messaged his best friend (who was one of my ex's) to see what to do as we're long distance and I needed to know he was okay. His friend, Callum, told me that it was all lies and I even found out he's lied to be about being able to drive yet my now ex boyfriend dumped me saying that he couldn't trust me anymore because I told Callum.
We decided to stay single and friends but he said he wants us to try again once he can trust me so we are single but not talking to other people (but how am I supposed to belive him after everything?)
He is admitidly making most the moves and messaging me first and last night he asked to Skype so we did and I cried and he told me that he wouldn't have been talking to me if he didn't want to try again. He just gives on mixed singles as he tells me to find someone who I deserve etc and he says he wants me but then posts stuff on social media complaining about the "single life" so I have no idea what to do
He told me he loves me but just needs to trust me which needs time but I can't help feeling like I'm annoying him.
I feel like I should leave so he is free to find someone else but he also said the same thing to me, this sounds awful but I love him, I really think I do so I don't want to give up but should I is what I'm asking?
All advice appriciated, Thankyouu


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  • You just found out the guy was a liar and dumped you for seeking help from others. Sounds like a crazy, controlling motherfucker if I ever heard of one.
    I ain't telling what to do, but here are the facts laid out. Make a good decision.

    • But I love him...

    • Well, good luck to you then.
      I'm sure he'll stop lying when he gets back to you.

      That was a lie.

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