Which one would you rather date and why?

Girl 1
2 years older than you, blonde, green eyes, wears braces, sexually experienced, outgoing, short, sporty, flirts with guys a lot, kind but secretly mean, when she likes someone she's all over him and flirts in an obvious way but when other cute boys are around she acts cool but she won't let other girls get near the guy she wants, possesive, she loves her dog

Gir 2
Your age, dark- blonde, brown eyes, wears braces but still has a cute smile, inexperienced, introverted, socially anixous, average-short, too shy to flirt, friendly, cute, selfish, sometimes loud, likes being alone, prefers staying in with friends, very emotional

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What Guys Said 2

  • Girl 1 sounds nice looking, but sounds like JUST A BIT OF A BITCH.

    Whereas girl 2 sounds nicer, so she beats girl 1 by miles.

  • I like girl 1. Girl 2 might be a slut.


What Girls Said 1

  • Why are they both blonde?
    Why are they both girls?
    Come one give me more options of creativity here.

    • I'm sorry I just personally like blonds a bit more xD

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