I have crush on my Friend with benefit girl... I feel helpless, What should I do?

I have realized that i have slowly started catching feelings with my friend with benefit. I like her a lot. I just dont know how I should act or do... As she has mentioned to me before that she doesn't want relationships right now. But she still keeps coming to me. What do I do?


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  • Imagine her taking a huge shit in the toilet.

    • Hahah crazy

    • But can you give me useful advice too?

    • Sigh... your going to hurt yourself. Allow yourself to see other people so that your mind broadens that there are other people out there.
      Don't get too attached to her if she isn't seeking a relationship at the moment.
      You sort of sound like her rebound.
      And that sucks shit.

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  • has she ever explained to you why she's not ready for a relationship at the moment

    • She broke up like 8 months ago with her 1st serious relationship. She told me once that she kept giving and giving in the relationship and stopped getting in return anything. And the guy started to get used to her and not even complimenting her anymore or none of that stuff.. She I dont know. I been treating her really good and taking her out even and she likes all these things.

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    • Thanks :)

    • no problemo :)

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