Which dating site is the best for finding a relationship?

  • eHarmony
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  • Match. com
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  • Plenty of Fish
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  • OKCupid
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  • Tinder
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  • Another one (please describe)
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  • None
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  • I met my wife on eHarmony in 2005. We will have been married for 10 years this coming June.

    I liked eHarmony precisely because I could be so specific about what I was looking for in a wife.

    I actually signed up for a one year membership the week my divorce became final. (I had already long since mourned the loss of my first marriage. The healing was done.)

    Seven months later I met @GraySailorsBride. She ticked all my boxes and then some. We have a blended family (my son, her daughters) that fit together amazingly well.

    Here's the thing that set eHarmony apart from other sites. eHarmony is focused on compatability first. In the process of setting up your account, you put together two lists of ten items each from 60 possible choices for each list. One list is the "must haves" the other list is the "can't stands".

    One of my "must haves" read like this:

    "My match must be willing to accept my child as her own."

    If a woman could not agree to that requirement, we never would be matched up in the first place. That was a phenomenal savings of time and money. There is simply no point in even going on a first date if nothing can ever come of it.

    My search for a wife took 7 months.
    A decade later, we are still in our honeymoon phase.
    What better endorsement could I give?

    • @MaskedSanity met her guy on OKCupid.

      I'm sure she would be happy to tell her story.

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    • I was on an eharmony for about a year, & I didn't meet anybody. Well, I met one who was only interested in sex. My very first online date, actually. He kept touching me and I noticed that the restaurant if it was right next to hotel. How convenient!

      The other guys were extremely picky. They were also extremely religious and self righteous. I had one guy lecture me because he noticed I had been online during work hours. He said I was deceiving my employer. I couldn't believe it.

      None of the other man would message me back. It was extremely odd. It wasn't until after I let my subscription expire that they called me to find out what was wrong. When I explain what has been happening and how I had tried adjusting my settings all sorts of different ways, they told me oh you should have done such and such but we can't give you a refund now. Stupid.

      However, I am very glad that you found success with it.

    • Please forgive my voice texting errors.

  • Tinder is more like a one night stand app i think


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  • It all depends on where you live and the demographics

    • well I mean in terms of the way the sites are set up for finding someone and communicating with them

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    • @gray_sailor met his wife on one of these, can't remember which.

    • sry didn't mean to comment in yr opinion thread

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