Is it better for women to sleep around (safely) and get experience, or wait for the "right guy" and risk not being able to keep him?

  • Sleep around - he'll be glad you did
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  • Have sex with a few select guys
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  • Wait for that one special guy
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  • Well, you kinda have to go through a few guys before you find the right one.


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  • There's no right and wrong that fits everyone. There's only right and wrong for an individual person. If someone wants to judge you based on your sexual experience to the point that they'll leave you over it, is that really someone you want in your life?

    • Well, I know that sexual satisfaction is an important part of a relationship. I also know, from the past, being with someone who was not good was really disappointing and it's hard to keep up interest when the sex isn't great. I also know that it takes two to tango I'm in my lack of experience definitely contributed to that poor chemistry.

    • It *could* be a contributing factor, but you need to get to know a person's likes and dislikes in every relationship. People aren't instantly sexually compatible. It takes work and communication and even then things don't always work out.

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  • Find a guy who is comfortable to tell you what he wants and just as importantly a guy who you feel comfortable enough with to tell him what it is you want. Explore everything you can.

    • That sounds like waiting for a relationship... or do you mean FWB?

What Girls Said 1

  • There is no better option. Experiencing love and relationships isn't a test where you want the "shortest way to get 100%". In fact, all the experiences are unique and there aren't criteria to mark them.

    Do what you want with your life and your body. Follow your heart, and when you look back at what you've done you'll be satisfied no matter what. This isn't really a calculated "how many guys do I need to sleep with in order to obtain maximum happiness" question.

    • No, I'm not saying that. I just know in the past, lack of experience and sexual satisfaction led to a lot of disappointment for both me and my ex-husband. I'd like to be able to satisfy someone better in future, as well as be able to understand and communicate my needs.

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    • Well but a lot of guys have said in other opinions that they prefer a woman who hasn't slept around, which is why I took a poll.

    • There will be people who like women with experience and ones who don't. You will find someone either way.

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