Why would old men be abusive to a young sexy date?

i go on dates. I'm always nice respectful etc. and also really pretty. they don't care. Most guys seem to want to find a way to bring me down or dominate me. I went to a concert with an old man. From the beginning he was really rude to me. at one point I even said I can just leave if you have a problem with me. I left an hour into the show- later he texted me for days insulting harassing me and making me feel as if i shud have been grateful to him for taking me. Being that im sweet, kind and his response was this way--why would a guy do that? insecurity? he spent days just trying to bring me down.

another man recently- he seemed nice. we texted. about going to some races. on the phone he sounded really nice and chill. I thought he was younger too. When I met him, i realized, he was really old. But i didn't care. He then gave me a ticket and asked me where I was going to sit. I'm thinking with u? huh? Then he made up a bogus story about how he was with friends and had to be 'secret' and had a wife. it was a lie cuz i was supposed to tailgate earlier but was late. the way he ditched me again.. was really mean. he was old ugly rude. im young pretty and nice. why be so mean to a gorgeous nice female... i dont get it..

young guys do this too- but theyre not as mean tho some are. i dont get why be mean to a pretty nice sweet female.. why so much hate.. its baffling. also i should be the one running away from most of these guys but i stay, and they treat me like crap for it. a lot are insecure but i dont get why it manifests into this extreme hate and abuse.. and need to dominate a pretty passive laid back female..
these men have this desire to just dominate/destroy me. as if they hate me for some unknown reason (b/c im pretty).. which makes no sense. They get really aggressive and mean and vicious- im sure it stems from a need to control me from some hatred for me b/c im pretty.. which is crazy. the old men i realize now get really psycho.. they want to dominate conquer and defeat me.. rather than 'be nice to me b/c im a date'... im trying to understand the disturbed psychology


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  • IMNSHO usually men who do this are compensating to for "wrongs" done to them by other women. Of course the "transgressions" that precipitated his is usually all in his head but dammit, he's going to get his revenge on someone, and that someone is you.

    Sorry ma'am.

    • that's true-- but also it seems a lot of these guys are very hateful towards me b/c im pretty.. or maybe worse b/c i am. or maybe theyre just angry at women and im the target b/c i met them..

    • You're the embodiment of all the beautiful women who've rejected them in the past (or didn't even reject them, but they thought were so out of their league so they didn't even bother because OF COURSE she'd reject him).

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  • Iam sorry you have had these awful experiences. It's my believe you've just had some very bad luck with men age has little to do with it. Guys of all ages behave in very different ways towards women. Unfortunately their are some women who enjoy being dominated in life and sexually. Immature men of all ages think most women want to be treated this way.
    Trying to find someone who wants to treat us the way we want to be treated and also treat them the way they want is what having relationships are all about.
    Iam sure you will find your guy soon. 😆

  • Traditional dating is guys renting women for the first venting.. a ceremonial prostitution.. You expect to be treated with respect?

    Many. People have opted out of traditional dating for this reason.

    When you accept a date with someone older, without any prior friendship, what do you expect him to think about you, other than. You are for sale?

  • Stop going out with old men! lol Really though perhaps you are just attracted to the wrong kind of men.

    • im not attracted to them... theyre just first dates.. i dont know what these people are like..
      im wondering why these weirdos are abusing a pretty female.. also i meet most of them
      on craigslist

    • Yikes Craigslist? Noo, don't meet guys on there lol. Don't get upset or think that I'm trying to defeat and conquer you or whatever, but It may stem from your personality and not so much from looks.. Keep in mind I said may, I can't tell how someone really is through a couple hundred words of text.

  • It may not have much to do with the guys age. It may just have to do with the type of man you choose to associate with.

  • You date assholes... Maybe you should find someone else and figure out why you date assholes.


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