Will he ask me out this time?

I met a guy online and we hit it off really well through texting. We just had our first date and it felt a little bit awkward to be completely honest and I think it was as a result of possibly both us being inexperienced as well as shy and introverted individuals. Im used to going out with guys and having good conversations because mostly they talk more than me and ask me lots of questions so it makes it easier for me to open up and start talking, and asking them stuff but this time I felt I was in the man's shoes instead and had to try to make him more comfortable. He was actually very good at breaking the touch barrier which I was suprised by for someone so shy but there were a lot of awkward silences at dinner. He did make me laugh here and there and when we said goodbye it was little awkward because he was starting to just leave and say bye but then i opened up for a hug and he didn't seem to expect it and that was it. Note that we texted for about 3 weeks and I finally messaged him something to get him to ask me out in a way but later the day before the day we talked about meeting he never comfirmed the plans and the time, so I reach out and initiated. Im hoping he does this time because I feel like its in his place to. I'm not sure how I feel about him since it did feel awkward the date and it was slightly boring. I think I just need to get him more comfortable so he starts talking more because I could see him being a fun person, I think maybe he is just a little insecure just like myself. I'm mostly just curious about who he is and I thought he was really cute. Do you think he will reach out this time or no? He paid for the date, and was touchy, he didn't say anything about going out again during the date, but I did say it was great to meet you, thank you for the dinner and movie and mentioned I had fun.


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  • Did you show him you had a good time? Men like to feel you had a good time, not just be told. What people say and what people do are different, so if you had a good time show him... Physically or send him something. Just take action. Be up front because we are dumb and need it spelled out sometimes.

    • Well i mean I'm kinda anxious when it comes to physical touch, and he wasn't really he like made an effort to touch my hands a lot, he put his arm around me, and i let him. Maybe that wasn't enough?

    • I did hug him though when i said goodbye

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