Help me please , I feel embarassed?

Hi everyone. I want to ask you something that occured that evening. We had a guests as my cousins. My cousin have a good personnality and he is really a good person. When they arrived our home , we discussed and I told him some situations which made me so sad , in order to decharge and to take some advices. But I remarked that his regards was interesting that I could see it clearly. He was listening and giving me his thoughts etc. and finally he said me that "I have somethings to tell you." When I asked what, he didn't respond. He told that he couldn't say it and that I could be better if I don't know what he want to say. But really , it was something emotinale that I could see by his regards. After about 30 min. I demanded what he wanted to tell me. He said no. I insisted on and he started to smile. I asked if he have a girlfriend , he responded no , I asked if he fighted with someone , he said no and Finally I asked him if he loves me or not. He said He falled in love to me but after he started to lough and claimed that all was a joke. Now I feel so embarrassed. Should I? What did he mean by that? I didn't understand and I'm so annoyed to him. Because he is my cousin and that cannot be possible. What can I do or say? Help me please , I'm waiting your suggestions.

Sorry if my English is not clear 😞


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  • Play it off like he is about it being a joke and then slowly distance yourself from him. Talk to him less and hang out with him less. This is a pretty messy situation.

    • Should I feel embarassed? I just wanted to know his emotions. Is it something strange?

    • It's not your fault he feels that way. You don't need to be embarrassed. Honestly it sounds like he has incestial thoughts about you. So again I'd just slowly distance yourself from him since just telling him to leave you alone isn't the best solution since you guys have the same family.

    • Thanks a lot

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  • ew your cousin in love? dude just ignore him!