What is it with white men and black women?

I know I know: not this again! So many people ask this. But first I need to say some things. Being black white or any other skin tone shouldn't effect who you love. Honesty i know some white men are uncertain about how to approach a black lady but she is just like any women but still has her unique personality. Others just are not interested. Tell me what you think about people saying white guys are afraid of talking to black women. Opinions on love has no colour. If your in love tell me about how you met. Please no racism.
P. S I am a lot younger than ya think :-P
From @Blacksack


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  • people just have preferences on what they find physically attractive. If you aren't attracted to black, white, yellow, red, purple or whatever then you aren't going to approach them, Now me personally, I don't find a lot of black men attractive, not even really tan men either. I don't have an issue with skin color, I just do not find darker skin attractive.

    • I know everyone likes a certain look but wouldn't you give someone a chance if they were black but with a big heart?

    • Yes, you def. become more attracted to someone the more you get to know them, but initially there would be no attraction.

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