Girls 18-24, why is a guy your age being bald an issue for finding him attractive?

I'm new to this site but I have shaved my head in the past, anyway I've seen guys who lost hair due to some condition or another ask questions about bald and mostly girls seen turned off by it, like they don't even consider a guy with no hair as a mate. Why is this?


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  • Any kind of difference like that insinuates faulty genes that you won't want to pass on to your children. It's nature and this is how it's worked for millions of years.

    • So I take it you yourself wouldn't date a guy with no hair?

    • Not at that age.

    • Well I hope you never judge a man for not dating plain women or chubby girls as that's the way it is as well, would you say most girls dislike bald? See the thing is it's just hair, also I'm talking about shaved-yes he may have hairloss but shaved is much petter looking

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  • I know I'm not an 18-24 yo girl, but seriously, fuck those women ;)

    • How has the dating world treated you out of curiousity? And we're the girls attractive? What were there ages?

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    • At no point was I trying to change your mind just ask you're experience and give you insight into mine.

    • @Beaver19 I apologise. Obviously going through a cranky phase!

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  • Would you be turned off by a bald woman?

    • Depends on her face honestly, and the bald look is more natural on men,

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  • Some will have problems with it others not, but I'm in the same boat as you and still have high standards too, it'll work out.

  • ~women tend to like older men or men who look older
    ~baldness can be a sign of being older
    ~women tend to dislike bald men
    There's a bit of a contradiction here.

    • You think a young guy who shaved bald from hair loss will have trouble getting 7-10 range looking girls?

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    • Yeah I don't see why you used that couple as an example she's below averagecif you ask me,

    • it's the first thing that came to mind, perhaps it was a bad example