I can't get a mature girl and girls my age are material whores that like older guys?

Girls my age go for older guys with a job, money, cars and their own place, how is a guy my age supposed to compete unless they are the hier to to some rich fucker? And it's not eve like we can pull the same thing no 25 year old woman wants to drag around a 18 year old boy, unless she's doing it for an ego trip.


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  • You're setting any girl who might take an interest in you up for failure.

    You already have an opinion set about the female gender. You've already assumed that they're a certain way. Girls can see that you don't trust them. So why be with someone who doesn't believe they want them to be with them?

    • No you don't get it I am aware that there are decent girls my age but I live in Newport, Wales that is just what girls are like around here, the whole city is like living in the hood. There's no decent girl in about a 20 mile radius.

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    • All you're doing is showing me how much you are not ready for a relationship.

    • Well what do I do apart from not looking, because that's not really an option

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