How to impress a (((typical))) French girl?

I am an American guy and I find French girls are quite different from American girls.
I recently crushed on a French girl in my class, but she has very different lifestyles and behaviors than American girls.
How to impress her? Suggestions?


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  • I went out with a French girl once. Man she was way attractive. Too bad she seemed kinda crazy and kept talking about her ex, would have gone out again.

    Do you like girly girls? From my very-limited experience with French women, it seems they are really feminine and dress up, etc. Which is really hot to me, but seems like lots of gag guys aren't into that.

    • Dude, being very feminine and good on dressing up is exactly the my impression on the French girls.
      Really love that.
      And suggestions?

    • Ya feminine like that is so my type too
      Suggestions for what? going out?
      hey check out what i said about rachel's baguette idea.
      Go on Yelp and see if u can find nearby baguette shops and take her there, and ask about her home. She would be into that I bet.

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  • Dress good, be confident, tell her some word in french like ask her out in french, Would you do out with me : Est -ce que tu voudrais bien sortir avec moi?
    Would you be my girlfriend? : est - ce que tu voudrais bien etre ma copine?
    give her compliment like I find you pretty : Je te trouve jolie.
    they would be impressed because French language is pretty hard.
    Ask her if she could help you for know better french culture, history. French people like to talk about their culture and all.
    What is the style of the girl you like, fashion, casual, other
    Do you speak French already or just English?

  • Don't try. Europeans (and the French in particular) are cynical and very blasé about life. Just ask her out.

    • What? Have ever been in France? Girls here are not "blasé" about life at all, they enjoy every little moments, café, parties. But I have to admit we can be rude if you meet us in the subway or in the street if we're in a rush

    • @FrenchEmma yes, my love, I have. I lived there for a time.

  • It's a difficult question, I'd say you have to be cool, with a "carefree" style, messy hair. You can try to impress her by talking about art, and (french) culture. I heard that french girls are "harder to get" than American girls in general.

  • Give her a baguette.

    • LOL, no kidding please. By the way, are you indicating sex or just literally mean baguette?

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    • I you want to give her a baguette, make sure it's a good one (I'm talking about the food ok, not sex). Because it's so annoying how bread and pains au chocolats etc. are disgusting in other countries

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  • Maybe @FrenchEmma can help you out with this question.

    • I don't really know ^^ All french girls are not the same.

    • @FrenchEmma Oh yeah I know you are not all the same. Of course you are not. I just thought since you live there you would have a better idea than me. That was all.

    • I tried to answer ^^ I'm not sure it helped :p

  • Why don't you try to say something nice in French to her? This is always impressive, it doesn't need to be much, but what's impressive is when you can speak it without a foreign accent !

    • Nice advice!!
      Any other more?

    • I'm German, but am living in the Netherlands now and you are right when you say that a French girl is different from an American girl as a French girl is also much much different from a German or Dutch girl even.

      The French really like to enjoy life and eat well ! And they're actually very hospitable but very proud of their nation, so showing interest in the French lifestyle is a good idea. They also love aesthetics, fashion for example - they're similar to the Italians : Don't take everything so seriously, be laid back, have fun, but they have lots of dreams and ambitions though.

      And the French stick exactly to gender roles, they expect their romances to be classical - the man makes the first move , but is not as direct as the Dutch woud be for example, and makes well-thought compliments !

      This should do for the beginning

  • I know they prefer men who dress well in a classy or professional way. I've been with a few French women and they love a guy in a suit or coat, but hate jeans or tank tops. So show up to class wearing something real classy like a suit or a duster coat and she'll think you're hot.

  • What's a typical French girl like?

    • French-born French-raised, feminine, good on dressing up, etc.

  • Speak French to her, even if it's really broken or sounds stupid. Just make it funny, like do a sort of accent or overplay it.

  • Smoke a lot and be anorexic.

  • Give her a solid French kiss 😘😍😂

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