Why is dating so difficult?

What happened to dating. When you get asked out you liked each other and became boyfriend and girlfriend and see were things went? Now its bs and games. Guys say they don't know what they want right now. Some girls talk to multiple guys. Now its just a big game everyone is talking to different people just in case the first choice doesn't work. And along the way you do have people who are still looking for a real relashionship. What happened to dating and relationships? Is there anyone else who is annoyed with the games and is frustrated?


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  • I am and honestly I feel like there's really no point. I'm better off alone. I was dating this guy, felt I had found someone special. Then all of a sudden he starts playing games not making anytime for me. Then looking suprized when I got upset. So I feel like getting a few cats and being by myself.

    • Same here. Was talking to a guy told me he won't leave that easy. Haven't heard from him in three days