Girls would you consider me handsome or date able?

Girls would you consider me handsome or date able?

I'm 20 and lost my hair to shock at 18, so I can't grow hair. Be honest here I would never date below a 7 looks wise so you can tell me the truth.

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  • I do not find you physically attractive and wouldn't really be interested sorry.
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Sorry guys forgot a results for you haha


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  • I genuinely would date you, you seem a lovely young man and our kids would have great hair - my DNA would kick the living shit out of yours...

    • Well my condition was brought on by shock not genes so hypothetically even a girl would have lost hair if put through what I was. Haha

      Seriously though no hair wouldn't bother you?

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    • Wait does that mean I look good or not? Haha 'I don't care about looks and think you look good' does that mean I don't look good and you don't care or you think I do look good? Haha

    • Would the shadow bug you? It's beneath the skin and it does point out where I do and do not have hair, so it kinda shows an old guy pattern up top. I'm pretty self conscious of it

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  • I think you do rock no hair

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