Best Friends or Love? advice for advice, promise! help solve the mystery which I have been analyzing for so long?

Guys I really need your advice
There's one guy whom I know for almost 7 months. In the beginning I was dating with my boyfriend so when he texted me I never showed him any kind of interest, sometimes I could even ignore his texts but he never stopped texting me. Although he didn't put it straightforward, saying that he likes me, he showed interest and once asked me why I didn't reply on some of his texts. I'm currently studying in Canada and when I came back home for winter holidays he asked me if we could go out. I told him he is a very nice guy whom I love talking to but we're not more than friends since I have a boyfriend whom I dont wanna make jealous. His reply was very mean but he didn't stop texting me. After a while we broke up with my boyfriend because we had too many bad arguments and realised it'd better for both of us to stay friends. When I told that guy that we broke up he said it might be for a better. We used to talk during nights and call each other and after time we realised we have SO much in common - the way we think, our tastes, our priorities in life, at times we might even make jokes that we are siamese twins. He had some girl friend whom he used to see but after his first date with her he told me she's absolutely not of his kind and he couldn't see her as his future wife because the way she thinks is absolutely different. We still talk with each other but at times I become afraid that I might be imagining this all and in fact he might consider that we're just best friends. But then, would a guy talk to a girl every day while they're on 2 different parts of the world, stay all night texting her and making plans on how they will spend time together when they'll see each other? it seems obvious at times that he likes me but at the same time no - cause there are some days when he seems to act distant and pulls off as if he doesn't want to talk to me or loses interest, or maybe its just me over


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  • I wouldn't say its love, from reading your description. Only you can tell that because only you know how your heart feels when you think about him. I would say that you too know each other on a more personal level.


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