Did I just get played or am I being paranoid?

So I just started a relationship with this guy just a day ago.

He came over & stayed the weekend with me at my families house. So he's met them, kept telling me he really liked me, & talked about how he wants to keep seeing me.

So he left & it takes him 2 hours to get back, he said he would call me to let me know he got back safely.

But it's been 5 hours. I called him & it rung a few times & I got sent to voicemail so I waited 20 minutes & called him twice but same thing, rung a few times & sent to voicemail.

So I texted him asking if he was home, it was iMessage for a moment but didn't say delivered then sent as a text.

am I just overthinking this?

I called him over an hour ago by the way y'all.


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  • It sounds like he's in the middle of something. This is the first weird thing, so i wouldn't jump into it yet. But keep an eye out and your ears open.