Ok. So my mom died unexpectedly not that long ago. My boyfriend just told me last night that he feels overwhelmed with trying to be there for me?

during this time while I'm grieving and he doesn't know how to be there for me, even though i told him. He said "he needs time (probably a couple days) to think and let his mind settle down so he can think clearly about us, and he'll let me know when he figures himself out." I'm freaking out that he's going to break up with me? I can't stand to grieve about my mom and suffer the loss of the man I love simultaneously!:( Our relationship has been very good by the way, anytime there's an issue (always minor) we talk like adults and it's resolved right away. I'm 22 and he's 28. Do you think he's going to break up with me?


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  • No I do not.

    • Why don't you think so? I'm not minimizing your answer just need to know why you came to that conclusion because I've got a bad feeling in my gut that I can't shake about the whole thing

    • I don't know sweetie, honestly, I just saw a girl freaking out for what seemed to be a small reason compounded by a big reason and wanted to help.

      But I stand by my opinion, even if the only evidence I have is that I don't think you'd fall for a guy that would break your heart so close to you dealing with such loss.

    • Ok😌 thanks for the responses

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  • If your boyfriend leaves you while you're in the process of grieving for your mom, he is an asshole who doesn't deserve to be with you and you will be better off without him.

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