Guys, is there a difference between I'm holding you back and I don't want to hold you back?

Guy I've been talking to asked me out of the blue how many kids I wanted I answered he doesn't want anymore was his reply and told me this is why I am no good for you. He says he's been there done that and he's not trying to be claimed. I told him i wanted to see him it's been a little while he said okay but I'm not your guy you'll be settling. I'm holding you back and don't want to give you false hopes.


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  • I'm holding you back and I don't want to hold you back is the same thing.

    This guy is a genuinely good guy and he means the best for you.

    I just broke up with a girl that I really like because we live in different states and I knew that if it was to work she would have to move to my state but I knew that she would be miserable long term so I said exactly what your guy said.

    I don't want to waste her time and our long-term futures just aren't compatible. The same with you. You deserve having kids and that is something that he has no interest it, so that's why he is being the 'bigger man' and moving on. You should move on too.