Is it ok to go out with someone I'm not attracted too?

I'm going out on a blind date with a guy for coffee. He seems quite nice , so I've decided to go out with him. But I don't really think I'm attracted to him. Is it a bad idea got my out with someone I'm not attracted to?


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  • I think you should give this blind date a shot. Maybe he is not that interesting over a message or phone call, but could be very interesting and have an attractive personality face to face. If you back out now, you might miss out on an opportunity to meet a great guy. But if everything goes south on the date, and you still feel you are not attracted to him, just tell him. Be honest.


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  • Go out, have fun, pay for your own drink or whatever, and see where things go. If you still don't like him just be clear you'll only ever be friends so he doesn't get his hopes up.

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