Girls, Why do I get friend-zoned very quickly by girls?

So girls in the past and now have said that I am "really handsome". Even girls say they are attracted to my shy/ genuine personality. They like me fro who i am.

But pretty much all those random girls I meet friend-zone me within a few minutes of the first meeting. They call me "brother" or "dude".

They even have to said to my mates that they have an attraction towards me.

So I don't get why I get friend-zoned but random girls in the same way?


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  • So you think they friend zone you just because they refer to you as "brother" and "dude"? That's not what friendzoning means. If they have actually said to their friends they feel attracted to you, why don't you actually try asking them out instead of simply assuming they're not interested?

    • Thanks :) But if they are interested in me, why call "brother" or "dude" ?

      Isn't it a total turn-off? If they have called me "brother" I don't see a reason to ask them out.

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    • so you never consider that the guy would assume that you friend-zoned him , when you call him "bro" ?

  • You're probably not that handsome or you're off-putting in some way.

    • Thanks :) But girls have said "I am really handsome" straight to my face. Some girls are touchy at the start of the convo.

      I am also a quiet dude and don't hit on them in the first place.

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    • I have no idea. Perhaps its something for you to analyze

    • cool !!