Is it too late for me to fix things with this girl I really like?

This girl and I were originally just friends because she had a boyfriend. I take a year off and come back to college and she is single. We run into each other one Saturday night at the bar the vibe is there, but she ends up leaving with her friends, and I see her the following Monday though she may have seen these hickeys on my neck. These hickeys came from the night before I saw her, when I had a one night stand. I text her later in the day that we should get together and hang out, no response. Flash 2 weeks forward and she is using obvious eye contact for me to talk to her, and I got too nervous from my previous rejection to approach her. The same thing follows suit on Saturday when I see her, but then later in the night I found my balls and was going to talk to her. But when I finally found her again, she was busy talking to a guy we make eye contact and I leave. Later on I am walking to my friend's apartment to crash, and she and I see each other across the street from each other. She was taking the guy, who looked over 35, home with her. Most awkward thing I could have seen. Will she still talk to me and give me a chance if I try even after all this?


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  • No harm in trying.


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