Now a days I keep talking to new people and try to be with them as get in relation no matter who I talk to, what can I do?

its completly weird i talk to many people but then i want to date them i am finally able to control it and stop but i can't some times when am not sure of a girl when she says yes am worried knowing she won't stay with me she will hurt then i add other girls talk ot them. Help me...


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  • You are adding girls from online dating? texting is nice especially if you bith ate talkative and have common interests but you're only sure if you are compatible enough so meet up irl as well and don't compare her to your bad experience from the past... being insecure is a relationship killer.. no girl will statisfy you with that mindset

    • i am able to meet people in real am cool with girls and am talkative but why do i keep getting the reason to 'i need to add her oh she looks cute'

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    • ^_^ Thank you soo much

    • no problem :) glad to help !

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