Is he giving mixed signals or am I having mixed thoughts?

Could someone elaborate on the difference between the too? I am going through an emotional battle and Im try to see if its me thats overlooking thing or if he giving off mixed signals. Please explain the difference.

I tell him not to call because I feel he's playing with me he still does. He comes by my house. When we are together he doesn't want me to leave and when I do he gets upset. A few days ago, I began expressing my feelings to him and how he sees things. He says he want no relationship just to be friends. I say okay friends we are but then he gets jealous because I'm with another guy and ignores me. I call he rushed me off the phone and when I went by his house he it brings up. I say I thought w
We were just friends he says you're right that'swwhat you said. So I say what do you want he says he don't want anything we're friends because that's what you says. Then he goes to say he doesn't want a relationship. Confusing right. I then am a little down so I tell him I'd like to end whatever it is we have. He says so you don't want me to call you? Can I speak to you and your son? So you want me to delete your number? I say yes to all questions and he sayshe ccan't promise me he'd delete my n


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  • Sounds like too much drama and it's messing with your head so I'd end it or keep any socialising to a minimum.


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  • What signals are you seeing?

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    • Lol, I not in married men. Lucky woman for having a guy like you.

    • *I'm

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  • How exactly can we tell? You didn't even describe the situation.