How do you know if you are being clingy?

I have been talking to this guy for 4months and we have just begun to be intimate over the past few weeks. This is the closest I have ever got to being in a relationship and I am worried. We haven't really spoken much over the past week and I have given him space as he has an exam coming up In a few days... but I'm worried I have been clingy before that, or have creeped him out. I had told him I wasn't sure when I would want to make anything official, as this is my first time, so he isn't being too boyfriend-y.. But I fear that something is wrong, just as I am starting to develop strong feelings...


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  • Wow! I mean if he likes you and you like him clingly is not an issues. You should take time for yourself to relax!

    • Thanks, Hopefully!

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    • Hahaha true, true... I suppose its because just as I have begun to feel more comfortable within myself around guys I'm talking to.. they've disappeared, or stopped talking to me. I suppose I just lack a little self confidence.

    • Yeah also if they lose intersted they weren't so into you and its not your fault.

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