Body language : is he jealous?

I had a date with my boyfriend two days ago , and when I was on the date , my guy friend , texted me saying that he wanted to meet me , and i thought it was okay cause i wanted to pay him the money i borrowed. the thing is , my boyfriend said that if i ever wanted to meet another guy , i should tell him first. But then before I could tell him, my guy friend arrived,

I texted my guy friend and said "umm, we need to plan as if we never planned this" and i forgotten to delete it.

My boyfriend hates that guy cause he thought my guy friend loves me.

And when I finally told him the truth , that my guy friend already arrived, he got angry and he said he didn't want to see the guy because that guy might as well get punch.

And so i paid my friend and i walked away finding my boyfriend,

To cut things short, at the end of our date , we accidentally met my guy friend again and he thought that I was planning to date him after our date,

My guy friend told me thatmy bf's face was different before and after he saw my friend.

He looked up and down , with such hatred , puts his hands in his pocket and left.

When i went after him he said "i am tired of lies"

And then when i stopped him , he clenched his teeth and said "im already running late , dont disturb"

So based on his actions, was he jealous? And what should i do?


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